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Chevrolet Bowtie Logo Spark Plug Wires

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 12368384



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Spark Plug Wires

Chevrolet Performance spark plug wire kits are designed to fit your GM engine, eliminating the guesswork in selecting the correct length. These performance 8mm spark plug wires exhibit only 600 ohms per foot of resistance, with high noise suppression capabilities. Features include red wires with white Chevrolet insignia and black boots. Manufactured with double-wall silicone construction. 

Bowtie Logo Spark Plug Wires

12368384 Chevrolet Spark Plug Wires

  • Kits include a 10" coil wire for engines, such as Ram Jet 350 and ZZ572 engines that have remote-coil HEI, plus four wire separators and HEI terminals and boots for the distributor cap.
  • Custom-fit set designed to be used with black wire loom P/N 12495502