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18° Aluminum Cylinder Head

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 12480009




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18° Aluminum Cylinder Head

• Low-port 18° aluminum cylinder head for maximum-effort competition engines
• Offers significant improvements over conventional head designs with 18° valve angles (vs. older 23° angles) and 43cc combustion chambers
• Spark plug holes are centrally located and valve centerlines are relocated
• Exhaust ports are high-flow
• Head face has an extra 0.080" of material for 9.1:1 compression, and up to 2.200" intake valves can be used
• Shallow wedge-shaped combustion chambers allow builders to achieve high compression ratios with small piston domes
• Heads do not include valve seats or guides
• Aftermarket shaft-mounted rocker arm assemblies and pushrods are required
• Piston domes and valve pockets must be matched to the revised combustion chamber design. 

V-6 90° Cylinder Head Quick Reference Chart

Description:  18° V-6
Casting Number:   12480009
Material:   Aluminum
Port Size:  215
Port Type:  Raised
Valve Spring;  18°
Chamber CC’s;  43
Int Vlv:  2.150"
Exh Vlv:  1.620"
Plug Type:  Angled
Heat Riser:  No
Rocker Stud:  Shaft
Notes:  As cast ports