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Lightweight Starter - Big Block & Small Block

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 12606096


The product's part number has been discontinued.

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Starters and Alternators

Flywheels with two different diameters are used on Chevrolet Small-Block, Big-Block, and 90° V-6 engines. Large flywheels are 14" in diameter and have 168 teeth on the starter ring gear. Small-diameter flywheels are 12.750" in diameter, with 153 teeth on the ring gear.

This difference in flywheel diameters requires two distinct starter housings. Starter noses used with large-diameter flywheels have two offset bolt holes, while starters for small flywheels have two bolt holes that are parallel to the back of the block. Most Chevy blocks are drilled for both types of starters.

Lightweight Starter - Big Block and Small Block

  • Gear reduction starter can be used on Big-Block and Small-Block engines with a 14", 168-tooth flywheel

Additional Required  Components:  (2) 12338064 bolts for Big Block applications