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Flexplate - 12.750" OD

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 14088765



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Flywheels and Flexplates

At the opposite end of the crankshaft from the balancer are flywheels and flexplates, which connect the engine to either manual (flywheels) or automatic (flexplates) transmissions. Chevrolet Performance offers both internally and externally balanced flywheels and flexplates. It is critical that you use the correct design for your engine application.

Flexplate - 12.750" OD

14088765 Chevrolet Flexplate

Year of engine: 1986 and up
Outside diameter: 12.750"
Crank flange bolt pattern: 3.000"
Clutch diameter: 10.750"
Starter ring gear teeth: 153

Technical notes:  For one-piece crank seal; for externally balanced engines

Note:  All Chevy Small Block and Big Block engines with one-piece crankshaft seal require an externally balanced flywheel or flexplate.

Will not work with new SuperMatic™ torque converters.