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Fast Burn Aluminum Cylinder Head Assembly

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 19300955



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19300955 Fast Burn Aluminum SBC Cylinder Head - Complete Assembly

The Fast Burn 23-degree cylinder head from Chevrolet Performance deliver maximum performance for Small-Block Chevy engines. The aluminum head casting with iconic Bowtie logos on each end, and a valvetrain loaded with high-RPM, LS-style beehive-type valve springs enable greater power at higher RPM! Fast Burn technology delivers more horsepower by increasing cylinder pressures to maximize the air/fuel mixture's combustion. 

The 62cc combustion chamber is designed for use with flat-top pistons. The Fast Burn heads require no additional porting for optimum performance. Simply bolt them on and go! This high-powered SBC cylinder head is the same as is used on Chevrolet Performance CT400, SP350, SP383 and the ZZ6 crate engines.


• CNC-machined aluminum performance head
• Completely assembled with 2.000"/1.550" valves
• 210cc intake port, roof raised .240"
• 78cc D-shaped exhaust ports, raised .200", requires Fel-Pro® gasket P/N 1470 (may require minor trimming)
• 62cc combustion chamber, .400" thick deck (can be milled safely .060")
• No heat riser
• Angled spark plugs (5/8" hex, 3/4" reach, tapered plugs)
• 1.48" Valve spring seat diameter
• Use head gaskets with stainless steel fire rings
• Raised, machined rocker rails
• 0.530" max valve lift (without modifications)
• Screw-in studs, (3/8" top, 7/16" bottom)
• Dual bolt patterns for perimeter bolt and center bolt valve covers
• Dual bolt patterns for both Vortec and early model intake manifolds
• Uses bare head P/N 19300956
• Use production intake gasket P/N 12529094 for Vortec intakes, dual bolt pattern intake gasket P/N 12497760 for early model or Vortec design manifolds (Fel-Pro® P/N 1289 and P/N 1207 may be used)

This head is assembled with the following components:
12555331 Intake Valves
12551313 Exhaust Valves
12551483 Valve Springs
12552126 3/8" Rocker Studs
19169661 Valve Spring Retainers
10212810 Valve Stem Seals
10212809 Valve Spring Shims
24503856 Valve Locks


The heads can be used on any 4.00-inch bore Small-Block with the standard-flow coolant system. NOT for use on Gen II 1992-1996 LT1/LT4 engines with reverse-flow cooling system.


Previously was GM P/N 12464298


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