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LS3 Performance Manual Transmission

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 19301326-old


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6.2L LS3 Performance Manual Transmission

It was introduced in the 2007 Corvette and debuted in 2009 in the all-new Camaro. The GM Performance Transmission LS3 6.2L is based on the Corvette application, including the oil pan, complete ignition system, intake manifold assembly with injectors and throttle body, exhaust manifolds, water pump, balancer and 14-inch automatic-transmission flexplate. The aluminum block is filled with a sturdy reciprocating assembly that combines with L92-type rectangular-port heads to deliver a 10.7:1 compression ratio. A high-lift, hydraulic roller camshaft delivers 0.551-inch of lift on the 2.165-inch intake valves and 0.522-inch lift on the 1.59-inch exhaust valves. It holds those valves open for 204-degrees of rotation (intake) and 211-degrees (exhaust), respectively, enhancing the LS3’s tremendous airflow and table-flat torque curve.