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T56 Super Magnum 6-speed Manual Transmission

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 19352208




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T56 Super Magnum 6-speed Manual Transmission


If you’re on the hunt for a heavy-duty transmission able to withstand up to 700 lb-ft of torque while still providing crisp shifts and effortless highway cruising, check out the Chevrolet Performance T56 Super Magnum Six-Speed Manual. Simply put, no other Chevrolet Performance manual transmission offers as much combined strength, versatility, and control. Designed for custom, LS retro-fit installations, the T56 Super Magnum is a beefed-up version of the high-performance TR6060 transmission you’ll find in the Camaro ZL1.

Larger components, including thicker gears and output shaft, provide greater strength. They use an extensively modified transmission case to prevent leaks under high-stress conditions and increase overall power-handling capabilities. The exterior case is similar in style to the T56 for a fourth-generation F-body (1993 - 2002 Camaro & Firebird) with stronger, high-capacity gear sets, input shaft and output shaft used in the Tremec TR6060. You’ll also find a more conventional slip-yoke design plus a 40-tooth reluctor ring designed for the electronic vehicle speed sensors used with Chevrolet Performance controllers.

The T56 Super Magnum can accommodate three shifter positions and includes a two-position shifter plate, shifter handle, and Chevrolet Performance-logo ball-type shifter knob. Combining brute strength with precision engineering, the T56 is the perfect choice for cruisers and track racers alike.


Transmission Specs:

• High-torque capacity TREMEC six-speed manual designed for custom, retro-fit installations with Chevrolet Performance crate engines
• 700 lb.-ft. maximum torque capacity
• Exterior case similar to fourth-generation F-body transmission with the stronger, high-capacity gear sets, input shaft and output shaft used in the TREMEC TR6060
• 26-spline input shaft
• 31-spline output shaft
• Gear ratios: 2.66 (1), 1.78 (2), 1.30 (3), 1.00 (4), 0.80 (5), 0.63 (6)
• Slip-yoke design
• 40-tooth reluctor ring that’s necessary for use with electronic vehicle speed sensors used with Chevrolet Performance controllers
• Two-position shifter plate included, with third position built into the transmission
• Kit includes shifter handle and Chevrolet Performance-logo ball-type shift knob
• Approximately 33.6 inches long with bell housing attached (bell housing included in separate installation kit)

12-month, unlimited mileage warranty unless purchased as part of a Connect & Cruise Powertrain System. (Connect & Cruise components are covered by a 24-month or 50,000 mile warranty.)