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Serpentine Accessory Drive Belt System without Air Conditioning

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 19366896




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19366896 Serpentine Accessory Drive without A/C for BBC

This deluxe kit from Chevrolet Performance includes all the components and hardware necessary to install on a 9.800" deck or 10.200" tall deck Big-Block Chevy engine. Serpentine belt is also included.

19366896 Serpentine Accessory Drive without A/C for BBC

The system includes:
10463415 Alternator assembly (cs130) (reman)
88985115 Power Steering Pump (reman)
12456326 Water pump kit
10108470 Water Outlet
10085753 Crankshaft pulley
88986828 Belt (water pump, A/C, alternator)
88986813 Belt (fan, water pump, A/C)
12552359 Tensioner
12552361 Idler pulley
10085760 Fan and water pump pulley
6272959 Thermal bypass hose connector
1470030 Clamp
1485552 Heater hose
12604004 Power steering pump pulley
88961892 Power steering bracket (tall deck)
10187611 Alternator bracket
10187610 Alternator/power steering bracket
10055890 Idler Pulley



Replaces old P/N 19172806