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Chevrolet Performance LSX376-B15 Crate Engine

Brand: Chevrolet Performance

Part Number: 19355575




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LSX376-B15 Crate Engine

19355575 Chevrolet Engine


 Forged Internals Support More Boost!

For builders who want to stretch the performance of a turbocharged or supercharged combination, the Chevrolet Performance LSX376-B15 crate engine is the foundation they need! Its durable, all-forged rotating assembly supports up to 15 pounds of boost. Our ratings of 473 hp and 444 lb.-ft. are only an indication fo what the LSX376-B15 is capable of.

Chevy Performance engineers began with an LS Bowtie standard block and added forged crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. The short block assembly was then topped off with high-flow, LSX-LS3 6-bolt rectangular-port heads to create an affordable  foundation for supercharged and turbocharged combinations. GM delivers the LSX376-B15 without an intake manifold and other accessories, allowing you to tailor the induction system and other features to suit the forced-induction setup of your choice.

Our horsepower and torque ratings are based on testing with the production-style, normally aspirated fuel injection system. The power you make with a supercharger or turbo will vary.

LSX376-B15 Crate Motor

P/N 19355575

473 hp @ 6,000 rpm / 444 lb.-ft. @ 5,000 rpm


LSX376-B15 Tech Specs:

Part Number: 19355575
Engine Type: LSX-Series Gen IV Small-Block V-8
Displacement (cu in): 376 cu in (6.2L)
Bore x Stroke (in): 4.065 x 3.622 (103.25 x 92 mm)
Block (P/N 19260095): LSX cast-iron with 6-bolt, crossbolted main caps
Crankshaft (P/N 12603616): Forged steel
Connecting Rods (P/N 12604857): Forged powdered metal
Pistons (P/N 19259381): Forged aluminum
Camshaft Type (P/N 12638426): Hydraulic roller
Valve Lift (in): 0.560" intake / 0.555" exhaust
Camshaft Duration (@0.050 in): 210° intake / 230° exhaust
Cylinder Heads (P/N 19354243):
LSX-LS3 rectangular port; with “as cast” 68cc chambers and 6-bolt attachment
Valve Size (in): 2.160 intake / 1.550 exhaust
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Rocker Arms (P/N 12669995 int): Investment-cast, roll trunnion
Rocker Arms (P/N 12681275 exh): Investment-cast, roll trunnion
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.7:1
Recommended Fuel: Regular Pump
Maximum Recommended RPM: 6,600
Reluctor Wheel: 58x
Balanced: Internal


Recommended Transmission:  SuperMatic™ 4L85-E Four-Speed Automatic P/N 19300175


Installation Notes:
• Assembly does not include any electronics
• Intended for pre-1976 street vehicles or any off-road vehicle
• Not intended for marine applications
• Requires LSX Ignition Controller P/N 19171130 for carbureted applications
• LSX 8-bolt crank flange
• Assembly shipped without intake manifold or oil pan (dust shield installed for shipment)
• Recommended max boost - 15 PSI

Chevrolet Performance Crate Engines include a 24-month or 50,000-mile (80,000 kilometer) limited warranty.

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